Kappa Alpha Theta

Upsilon Chapter University of Minnesota


      Scholarship is Kappa Alpha Theta’s highest aim. All of our sisters are first and foremost students, aiming to be the best we can be in all of our educational endeavors. The ladies of the Upsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta have a wide range of academic interests and majors, and through this we all support each other and encourage our sisters to work hard in order to achieve academic success. 

       At the Upsilon chapter we have many programs that help encourage members to do well academically. Study hours are implemented in order to foster a quite working environment that allow for sisters to focus. Once a week a study tip is presented to the chapter in order to give members a new insight into studying. Along with the weekly scholarship presentation, once a semester a more in depth, special scholarship presentation is given for members to gain more information about scholarship within our chapter. 

       Throughout the semester, sisters are rewarded for receiving good grades. A weekly reward is given to a woman within the chapter who others believe worked hard at her studies. When a member receives a 4.0 the previous semester she is given a scholarship pearl to wear upon her badge for an outward sign of her hard work. For members who get onto the Dean’s list, a special event is planned in order to celebrate their achievement. Having the high scholarship among the members of Kappa Alpha Theta allow for the chapter to flourish and help us grow as leading women.